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As-Salaam Alikum

Waqf Liaison Forum (WLF) has been registered as a non-profit section-8 company. We have a number of professionals from management, judiciary, law, senior civil servants, ex-CEO of waqf, academicians, town planning experts, architects, and of course young members of the community.

WLF endeavors to use our extensive network of experienced professionals to deliver tangible results in matters and issues related to Auqaf.

We strive to build long-term relationships, with concerned authorities, based on transparency, mutual trust, and respect.

We aim to encourage the development of Waqf Estates for the socio-economic benefit of society, highlight shortcomings in the State Waqf Administration with unbiased censure, and offer acceptable solutions within the ambit of the law.

WLF is not an adversary of the Waqf Board, we are not here to compete but to help, advise and work with the Waqf Board within the ambit of Waqf Act-1995-amended in 2013, as an advisory and a watch guard pressure group.

An individual or group should FOCUS on one Waqf property, in their location, which is mismanaged or is being misappropriated. Several such groups in each location should then earnestly strive to Protect, become Custodians and Develop various Waqf properties for the benefit of our community and society at large.

If this model of community participation is replicated all over the country, the results can be astonishingly greater than the expectation. The path may be difficult, frustrating but it is not insurmountable. The result may take a couple of years, but the effort has to be initiated now.

There are many issues related to Auqaf that requires the community to actively participate and to introspect for the benefit of our community. Let me rephrase the famous words of Late President Kennedy “Ask not what the community can do for you, ask what you can do for the community.”

Warm Regards

M Farid Tungekar


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