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Waqf Liaison Forum: Vision-Aims-Objective


Vision - Aims - Objective

  • Interface with Waqf Administration concerning all matters related to various Auqaf.
  • To create awareness about the social instrument Waqf among the society and to retrieve the encroached and illegally occupied Auqaf Properties.
  • To compare and correct Auqaf Property records with the Revenue records Charity Commissioner Records, and LAR (Land Alienation records), etc.
  • To get involved in the survey and identification of Waqf Properties conducted by the Survey Commissioners.
  • To encourage, guide, and assist in the commercial exploitation or Lease of Auqaf Properties for the benefit of the Community and Country.
  • To advise, guide, and assist in the Administration, Management, and Legal Affairs of Auqaf.
  • To educate, guide, and publicize the knowledge of Waqf Law, Administration, Procedures, and Matters connected therewith.
  • To Train a workforce for Administrative and Management positions/audit in Auqaf through Waqf Training Academy.
  • To encourage Auqaf to check, correct, and update, all related data in both State Waqf Portal and Central Waqf Portal.
  • To send reminders and conduct a survey of Auqaf for filling of Audit Reports, and income returns to maximize the Revenue of Waqf Administration.
  • To assist in general the Waqf Boards in implementation of the Waqf Act 1995 and to work as a pressure group of the community in Auqaf matters.

Management Values

  • Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and competence.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and operating at all times within the ambit of laws.
  • Encourage initiative, recognize individual contributions, and treat each person with respect and fairness.
  • Identify and respond aggressively to new opportunities, and offer all possible assistance to encourage Waqf properties development.
  • Recognize achievements as a new productive milestone in our vision and encourage the repeat of the model all over the country, on Waqf Land.

FAST Goals that are embedded in Frequent discussions; Ambitious in scope; measured by Specific metrics and milestones; and Transparent for everyone.


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